D addario EXP Bass Strings

Daddario EXP

D addario EXP

Nickel plated roundwounds much like the XLs version, these strings have an "EXP Coating" that is designed to protect against corrosion from dirt, sweat and other factors. Rather than a a polish- the coated material is adhered to both the outer wrapping and wound into the core of the string for stability and life. Though the strings generally cost more, they can maintain the "new" string character for many months longer.

The D’Addario EXP strings seem to be a breakthrough in bass guitar technology. The EXP coating is, as you might guess what really sets these strings apart. Since the coating of the string is so much thinner than many coated strings, the sound is much more close to the nickel plating of the original strings. This gives a more “pure” tone and overall the feel is the same as the other strings. This means you can feel free to play these strings without tearing up your fingers.

There is a 50 percent less coating on these strings then others. It seems that you get a much more bright tone as opposed to the other coated strings you may buy so far. This could be what you are looking for in your music- If the music dictates a bright tone string and you want to go coated then this is the one to get.

As well the EXP coated strings have at least four times the playing life as other strings. Why is this the case for these strings? Well because this is due to the fact that they can put up to four times the amount of tin to coat the string. With this tin coating the string you will have a longer lifespan and it will still not adversely affect your brightness or tone.

You will not experience too much corrosion and gritty feel with these strings either. Not only will these strings last longer than the rest they will look better than the rest for longer. This means that if you have to be up on stage you do not have to worry about having too many gritty and ugly looking strings on your bass, if it’s something you care about (can’t say that I do though!).

The reviews for the most part were very positive. I believe some of the negative reviews were caused by those that were unaccustomed to the coated strings. Quite honestly I do not blame them but it is like comparing apples to oranges. You should really look at reviews that compare one type of coated string to another coated string in order to give a fair comparison.

The feel for these strings were positive as well. Some players complained about having a slick feel to the other strings they tried. You will not have this with these types of strings. Clearly the D’Addario Company put a lot of effort in trying getting the feel to be just right.

With over ten years of development and experimentation it is clear that these strings were a long time in the making. Fortunately they did a good job and did not muck up the user experience. At the very least these strings are worth giving a shot once in your lifetime if you want to experiment with coated. 

In this video, Gary Willis talks about EXPs lasting him the duration of an entire tour, where he usually changes strings every 3 gigs or so.


D'Addario EXP165 Coated 4-String Bass Guitar Strings, Custom Light
D'Addario EXP165 Coated 4-String Bass Guitar Strings,  Custom Light Price: $61.82
D'Addario EXP46, Hard Tension, Clear Nylon Coated Silverplated
D'Addario EXP46,  Hard Tension,  Clear Nylon Coated Silverplated Price: $10.00
D'Addario EXP170 Long Scale 45-100
D'Addario EXP170 Long Scale 45-100 Price: $29.99
D'Addario EXP170 Coated Exp170 Bass Set
D'Addario EXP170 Coated Exp170 Bass Set Price: $23.95
D'Addario EXP23 with NY Steel Baritone Guitar Strings, Coated, .016-.070
D'Addario EXP23 with NY Steel Baritone Guitar Strings,  Coated,  .016-.070 Price: $22.48

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