D addario Halfround Bass Strings

Daddario Halfround

D addario Halfround

These halfrounds take a pure nickel roundwound string, grind it down and "heat treat" it to create a roundwound character with a smooth, flatwound feel. These strings are brighter than the chrome flatwound, but more mellow than the XL.

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User reviews site that these strings are preferred by blues players, and people like the soft "thump" that the string provides. They can fall on the darker side of the sound spectrum, but can easily by brightened up with a little bit of EQ.

The D’Addario Half Round strings is a good string set to use if you wish to have a more mellow sound. While many people do not like this sound in favor of a brighter roundwound tone, it is actually quite crucial for some bass guitars in certain styles, particularly some jazz and blues settings. The half round strings are exactly that, they are half round (see the bass string guide for more details) and finely made but they are not as sharp as a full round wound string.

I have searched and found that many people really like these strings for the most part. The clarity and overall quality is quite good for the price. These strings are color coded on the bottom to correspond to different strings.

The D’Addario brand is known for their quality sbass trings and these are just another one in that line. Clearly with a name like this you are probably not going to go wrong. However, each person has their particular taste when it comes to the strings they use.

While generally most people like these strings there have been some complaints about them being rough and hard on your fingers. This is certainly something to consider. As well some of the other complaints I have seen is that these can seem sticky and make it hard to move fluidly on the fret.

As well, some of the other complaints are that these strings do not last very long. Now, this could be from someone who is not experienced with using a half round string, but the precaution should be made.

These strings are made of pure nickel and then precision ground down into the half round style. D’Addario starts with first a full round string and then using a unique process grinds down the string until you get the half round. The end result is the smooth feel similar to a flat round with some of the flexibility of a full round string.

These D’Aaddario half rounds would be an ideal choice to make if you are using any type of vintage guitar or want that same feel. This is because the pure nickel allows for a more vintage tone to the music as it is closer to what was used in the early 1960’s and 1970’s before other metals were introduced.



Be sure to check out the Bass String guide if you are unsure about the material, gauge (the numbers you see like .105 .45 etc,) or scale length.**

Check out the string reviews if you would like to hear feedback from others about a particular string.