GHS Progressives Bass Strings

GHS Progressives

GHS Progressives

GHS Progressives use "Alloy 52," and are a reasonably smooth feeling string that has both brightness and warmth. They could best be described as fitting somewhere nicely between steel and nickel.


NameWindingMaterialCoreOther InfoModel #
ProgressivesAlloy 52


Progressives and the "Alloy 52" used in their construction garner favorable reviews. In both feel and sound, they fall somewhere between steel and nickel - smooth, but not as smooth as flats.. warm, but with brightness and clarity. They also maintain a good string life. These strings fit in their own unique category and are definitely worth a try.

GHS M8000 Progressives - Medium
GHS M8000 Progressives - Medium Price: $27.99

Be sure to check out the Bass String guide if you are unsure about the material, gauge (the numbers you see like .105 .45 etc,) or scale length.**

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