LaBella Hard Rockin Steel Bass Strings

LaBella Hard Rockin Steel

LaBella Hard Rockin Steel

Stainless steel roundwounds with a hex core- these strings have a great frequency balance with a fat sound that cuts well through the mix. Plenty of volume- not as much "sparkly" high-end / treble as many other stainless steels.


NameWindingMaterialCoreOther InfoModel #
Hard Rockin SteelRoundwoundSteelHex


If you are looking for a string with lots of “growl” and punch that can cut through a mix, without being very hifi or trebly/scratchy, the odds are good that this is your string. A nice balance of low/mid frequencies make these strings speak clearly while still being very “fat” for a stainless steel roundwound. They do not have the same amount of sparkly treble as strings like DR Hi-Beams. The Low B on these strings receives a lot of praise, and all of the strings stay in tune well.

These strings are known for having a bit of a rough feel—not recommended if you are particularly concerned with having something that feels smooth and easy on your fingers.

Hard Rockin Steels (or HRS) are one of those strings that when you research feedback, almost everyone agrees that they are a good quality string, regardless of whether or not they are a personal favorite in terms of their specific characteristics.

NOTE: Many reviews online of these strings stress that there is a difference whether or not you get a ‘good’ set. LaBella has stepped up on the quality control department since then, but we will continue to look into whether or not this is still an issue.

LaBella Hard Rockin' Steel Electric Bass Guitar Set M40
LaBella Hard Rockin' Steel Electric Bass Guitar Set M40 Price: $20.95

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