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Why Learn About Bass Strings?

The type of strings you use on your bass plays an enormous role in how it both sounds and feels, so it is worth educating yourself and if possible, experimenting.

Every bass string is a "core" or wire, with additional wrapping around it. The technique used to wind that wrapping, as well as the actual material used, creates the essence of any string. While it can seem like there are a million unique strings out there, the vast majority are a few popular materials and winding techniques, with different names assigned to those combinations.

How the material is wrapped around the core - this is what the names like roundwound, flatwound, or groundwound apply to.

Nickel or stainless steel are most popular for roundwound and flatwound strings, some flatwounds also may use ribbon or nylon. Different materials have different sound / feel characteristics.

Simply, the how thick the result of winding that material is. Gauge also contributes to the tension and sound of the bass.

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for more details about these strings and materials. You can also visit the guide by manufacturer to see what winding/material/gauge applies to a certain brand/model.