GHS Infinity Steels Bass Strings

GHS Infinity Steels

GHS Infinity Steels

Coated roundwounds for improved life, they are the darkest of the three stainless steel varieties from GHS- making them the "darkest of the brightest."

NameWindingMaterialCoreOther InfoModel #
Infinity SteelsRoundwoundSteelHexLeast bright of GHS steel



These are a variation of the "Super Steels" from GHS- the Infinity Steel strings are coated with a material to prevent corrosion and protect from sweat, wear, and all the other factors that deaden strings. These strings last a lot longer but also have a more mellow sound than regular super steels.

Be sure to check out the Bass String guide if you are unsure about the material, gauge (the numbers you see like .105 .45 etc,) or scale length.**

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