GHS Pressurewound Bass Strings

GHS Pressurewound

GHS Pressurewound

Halfrounds made with Nickel, making them darker than the bright flats but brighter than the precision flatwounds

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“Pressure wound” strings are essentially roundwound strings where the outer wrap is flattened into an oval shape – essentially making them “half round” or “ground wound” strings. You could consider these the nickel version of the "Brite Flats" from GHS

Users report this particular take from GHS as sounding a lot like roundwounds without the “edge” – the highest frequencies that can create the clicky, tinny sound. This can make them excellent for playing with a pick. You can still get a lot of “growl” with these strings as well.

Here is another great video from Dave Pomeroy describing and demonstrating these strings

Be sure to check out the Bass String guide if you are unsure about the material, gauge (the numbers you see like .105 .45 etc,) or scale length.**

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