Teach Me Bass Guitar Review

Teach Me Bass Guitar

When it comes to playing bass or any instrument, it is always best to get guidance from a professional. Someone who knows exactly what it takes to reach high levels of playing, to work in a variety of situations, and perhaps most importantly, how to develop good habits for both musicianship and technique to avoid physical injury.

Any good teacher or method should cover everything from sound, feel, groove, ergonomics, music theory, to gear and recordings to listen to and play along with. They should also be able to articulate the ideas clearly and allow you to move at your own pace while still moving you forward.

The best integration of all of these concepts we have seen, in an impressive format that lets you view the lessons and play along with them limitless times comes from Roy Vogt and The Learning Dock in the thorough DVD course, Teach Me Bass Guitar.

A 10 DVD Mastery Course and More

This is not an “instructional DVD,” it is a real course with an in depth curriculum that is also fun and engaging. It is designed to take even a very beginner level player all the way to a gig-ready musician with great technique, ears and understanding of music.

The program is extremely professional in its organization, presentation and quality. This is in no doubt due to the merging of a professional player and college level instructor with a top notch production team.

There truly is nothing else like this out there in the world of bass education programs outside of a university or consistent private instruction (which of course would cost thousands of dollars.)

It is also loaded with features and extras that serve as great practicing tools, and are a lot of fun. Plus, you can use them any time you want, review the material as much as you want, and move completely at your own pace.Let’s take a closer look now.

Cool Stuff You’ll Learn

  • Fingerstyle playing, slapping / popping, using the pick and more
  • The notes on the fingerboard
  • Chords and how they are built
  • Creating basslines in all sorts of styles
  • Setting up the instrument
  • Gear: strings, amps, effects, 5 -6 string basses and more
  • Reading notes, chord symbols, number systems
  • Rhythm, groove, playing with a drummer
  • Playing with a band (with play along tracks ON the DVDs!)
  • Two handed tapping, chords, and other extended techniques
  • Much, much more

Remember, you have over 16 hours of teaching and content. If you’re a total beginner, there is nothing to be intimidated about- the course starts with that in mind. If you are more advanced, there’s still a TON here, plus some very cool stuff that may fill in gaps.

Everything is presented in a very clear and logical way that builds upon previous lessons while having fun.This course is not just about mastering the bass, it’s also about being a great musician.

The Teacher – Roy Vogt

Roy Vogt

Roy Vogt will be your instructor in the Teach Me Bass Guitar program, and we believe you will be quite pleased with him.Remember that great players don’t always make great teachers, so let’s start with some *teaching* facts about Roy.

He has three decades of experience teaching at the college level, in the contemporary music program Belmont University. He has mentored incredible players including the great Willie Weeks.

Some of his former students have gone on to perform with master musicians and big name acts, from Chick Corea to Faith Hill.

As a player himself, he has toured, performed and recorded with too many acts to list here. He is also the first person to receive a masters degree in electric bass, from the esteemed University of Miami.

Roy has a great presentation style. He is laid back and comfortable, and is able to explain things in a very clear, digestible way. The lessons are paced very effectively, and there is a good balance between teaching concepts, demonstrating them, and then having you play along.

If any of you have ever had a not-so-useful lesson or instructional video, you’ll realize that this is a bit of an artform. Roy’s many years of teaching experience comes through in these sessions.

The Format

TMBG is broken down into a series of 20 lessons that build upon each other. The structure and design is very well thought out.

Each lesson begins with an introduction from Ashley Lollis, your host for the program. She gives you a brief rundown of what you will be exploring in the next session and refreshes on what has been covered so far.

The lessons take place in a laid back coffee-shop environment, where Roy takes you through the material. There is one thing right out of the gate that impressed me, because it is very important but often overlooked: you immediately begin learning ways to warm up, stretch, and cool down. Playing bass is one of those things that can seem like you are totally fine without dealing with any of that, but then end up with hand problems down the road. This plus attention to posture and proper technique, all of which are explored in the course, will greatly diminish the odds of anything like that happening.

There are all sorts of great tools utilized in the lessons that make them more interesting and far easier to absorb.Take a look at this screenshot and notice the visual fingerboard diagram at the bottom.Teach Me Bass Guitar Review - Roy Vogt Bass Screenshot 1

You can see that there is a representation of the fingerboard, with the string names, and which finger goes to which fret at that moment.The diagram also adjusts to include note names, a visual timing for when to play what, and so on. This way you get to see what Roy is doing, what the fingerboard map is telling you, and hear the examples being played live.

Even in the very first lesson, you will be playing a manageable song. It is important to emphasize that TMBG really gets you playing music from the get go, not just mechanical bass exercises.

What really takes this concept to the next level though, is that in many of the lessons, you actually get to play your songs with a "live" band, with or without Roy playing along. This means you get to use what you have learned in a really satisfying musical way that is far more fun to practice.With Roy playing along, you have training wheels of sorts until you really get it down. Then once you play with the band solo, you really get a first hand taste of how different this experience can be.

You might think you have a lesson down, but then when it comes time to execute it with the band, locking it in with the drums, the excitement of the situation, the fact that you cant stop, speed up, slow down and so on - you really absorb how well you need to have the material under your fingers. Doing it this way is the most effective and also most fun way to do that, and its not something you can really re-create on your own.

So to recap, you get an introduction, warm-ups, teaching of the material or music theory, plenty of exercises that you learn and practice with Roy and the digital fingerboard, and songs to learn and perform with the band. There are more cool little things in there, but this is a general framework for the course and its an ideal setup.

Cool Features and Extras

One of the most brilliant features of Teach Me Bass Guitar is:

The "Live Looper"screenshot4

This allows you to take any exercise from the course and play it over and over again, without having to constantly worry about pressing rewind on your remote control. Simply sit with the exercise and practice it along with the program until you truly have it down without needing to think about it. This is one of the best ways to really achieve unconscious mastery.

Because there are so many valuable exercises in the course, you will be an extremely proficient and versatile bassist if you choose to really get the material down.

Live Feedback From Roy

Thats correct, as a purchaser of the course, you can actually send video of your playing to Roy and receive feedback from him. How many instructional videos can say that?

Thunder Row Forum / Community

As a purchaser of the course, you also get membership to the Thunder Row community, where you can talk shop, share advice, ideas, videos and much more.

Sample Videos

Here is an excerpt from one of the earlier lessons:

This is from further along in the course:

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