Dean Markley Fretmaster Bass Strings

Dean Markley Fretmaster

Dean Markley Fretmaster

A unique design from Dean Markley, these strings are roundwound over the pickup, but have been smoothed out over the fingerboard. Therefore your fretting hand deals with a smoother, flatwound-like feel, but the plucking hand is dealing with a roundwound string and brighter tone. As suggested by the name, this design is about being friendly to your fingerboard while still providing a roundwound like tone.

NameWindingMaterialCoreOther InfoModel #
FretmasterRound / HalfroundNickel Plated SteelHexHalfround at the frets, round where you pluck  


Be sure to check out the Bass String guide if you are unsure about the material, gauge (the numbers you see like .105 .45 etc,) or scale length.**

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