DR Hi Beam Bass Strings

DR Hi-Beam

DR Hi-Beam

Steel roundwounds with a round core, Hi-Beams are clear, bright strings, though more mellow than the Lo-Riders.

NameWindingMaterialCoreOther InfoModel #

These DR Hi Beams are known for their ease of use. The DR Hi Beams are also known for their bright tone and a certain punch or kick to your playing. With a piano like range of frequencies, these strings often will give your bass a unique tone that can help distinguish your sound

These DR Hi Beams are round wound strings with a round core. Supposedly this is unique in the industry. I will give them that. Many reviews of the round wound strings I found were very positive. That is not to say that everyone who uses these strings are going to love them but you do seem to have a good chance of doing so.

As well these strings are known for their long life. Will these work for you if you have a regular gig? Probably so as many professional musicians seem to love these strings for their construction and the way they feel on the fingers.

One of the best things about these strings is that they will also not damage your fret board either. Many people I saw said that the other strings sets they tried had that problem. You can end up saving yourself some money if you go ahead and buy these strings as opposed to others.

In one forum I found many people said that these strings give their bass a very different tonal character but also a good range of tone options. If that is something you are going for then perhaps these are worth a shot. However, others complained about that fact because they were not expecting it.

Overall I believe this string set to be of high quality and it will not cause too many issues with a lot of people. Clearly there are those who are going to have differences of opinion on this and I respect that.

For many musicians these are the strings of choice. One thing I would like to state though is that one bass player seems to move from one brand to another there is always a bit of a learning curve. Please keep that in mind if you are also switching brands for what ever reason.

Here is a video with sound samples of the DR Hi-Beams on two different basses with varied attacks (fingerstyle, slapping, harmonics, etc.)


DR 45-105 Hi-Beam
DR 45-105 Hi-Beam Price: $21.99
DR 45-125 Hi Beam
DR 45-125 Hi Beam Price: $29.99
DR Strings ER-50 Hi-Beam Bass Strings 50-110
DR Strings ER-50 Hi-Beam Bass Strings 50-110 Price: $22.97
DR Strings Hi-Beam - Stainless Steel Round Core 40-100
DR Strings Hi-Beam - Stainless Steel Round Core 40-100 Price: $21.99
DR MR5-45 5 string HI-Beams Bright Stainless Steel Bass Guitar Strings 45-125 MD
DR MR5-45 5 string HI-Beams Bright Stainless Steel Bass Guitar Strings 45-125 MD Price: $29.99

Be sure to check out the Bass String guide if you are unsure about the material, guage (the numbers you see like .105 .45 etc,) or scale length.**

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